Friday, July 22, 2011

About That Peaceable Kingdom (July 17 - 23)

Dear Family and Friends,

After leaving Albuquerque, we drove to Pratt, Kansas, where Roger lived for six years during his childhood. It was fun seeing his old house and school.  Then it was on to Stockton, Missouri, via Wichita and El Dorado. If Stockton sounds familiar, it was here that we spent our first few days getting the Tour to the Collision Center in Springfield, which is two hours away. Thankfully, Kathryn and Mary welcomed us into their home and we will stay here until repair work on the Tour is complete.

We arrived in Stockton on the 17th which was our fortieth wedding anniversary. Those forty years have gone by quickly, packed with fun, family, friends and rewarding experiences. We are looking forward to many more of those special times in the years ahead.

We made a day trip to Springfield to check on the progress of the Tour. Our spirits soared as we saw the new windshield and refinished exterior in place. In less than two weeks, we should be on the road. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Our week, in what I am calling Peaceable Kingdom for several reasons: 1. Mary and Kathryn have offered sanctuary to us for as long as we need it as the Collision Center in Springfield completes the work on the Tour, and 2. Mary and Kathryn share their home with three cats and two dogs, that get along, and 3. they live in such a lovely area of the country where flora and fauna flourish (great alliteration). The following pictures will prove it.

Roger and I thank you for reading the blog and taking an interest in our life on the road. Next week will find us in Stockton with more shots from the Peaceable Kingdom.

Bear loves the freedom of Kathryn and Mary's backyard.

Frisbee is the game for me!

Kathryn has a great garden growing in Peaceable Kingdom.
This summer squash is huge!

Myrtle and Bear having fun!

More frisbee, please!

Mary cooking pizza on the grill.

Chefs Kathryn, Roger and Mary!

Joe is the alpha dog in Peaceable Kingdom.

Hosting Purple Martins is a fascinating hobby!  Kathryn's upscale Martin house was the home to families (around 70 birds) this year.
In this picture she has discovered that the fledglings are out practicing for their first major flight. The Martins in the area will regroup and together they will fly south for the winter. We learned that it is important to help the Martins as they are  a songbird species that has been endanger of extinction in the past.

I am giving Roger a haircut!

Roger and Bear watching Le Tour. This day was the Col de Galibier climb.
Last August, Roger got to cycle this area of France with our sons, Rob and Michael.
It is much easier to climb in front of the TV in the recliner.

In Peaceable Kingdom, the Batchelor Buttons and Queen Anne's Lace grow abundantly.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

About That Tucson, Part Two (July 10 - 16)

Dear Family and Friends,

We continued to enjoy our second week in Tucson. Michael and Bridget were wonderful allowing us to stay with them. Many thanks you two! Your kindness is appreciated!!

Roger completed his quarterly reviews this week. I stayed busy seeing friends and trying to stay cool in Tucson's very hot summer. Bear and I were out the door early in the morning to get some exercise! The Texas Rangers were in bloom while we were there.

This is a short post, but the most important part is that we left for Springfield on Friday, following Roger's final appointment. We drove Interstate 10 east to Demming, New Mexico, headed north to Hatch and caught Interstate 25 to Albuquerque where we spent the night.

Back in Springfield, Missouri, work has progressed on the Tour and we are hoping for an end of July finish. Thank you for reading the blog.

Michael and Bridget's beloved English Bulldog

Michael, Dexter and Bridget
They made our stay in Tucson so great!!

Texas Ranger

Michael and Bridget live in a beautiful neighborhood.

A stand of Saguaro Cactus.

Suzanne, Ed and Kay
Our very dear friends in Tucson.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

About That Tucson Monsoon Season (July 3 - 9)

Dear Family and Friends,
We are now in Tucson, after a two day drive from Dallas! West Texas is huge!!

It was hard to leave family and friends in Dallas. We had to say goodbye to our son Rob and his family and our dear friend, Becky. The day before we left we got to spend an afternoon with her son, Michael, wife Traci and grandson, Grayson. Thank you for letting us cool off in your pool. Bear loved his swim. I knew Michael when he was 2 years old and we were based at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, Texas. This was in the early seventies.

Our Tucson days have been very busy for Roger. He is in the middle of quarterly reviews with Michael. Roger will do this one more time in October before he truly retires.

Michael and daughter-in-law, Bridget have graciously allowed us to live with them for the two week period of reviews. Bear gets to have fun with Dexter, their English Bulldog. Bear is enjoying long walks or runs in the morning in the desert environment. This has to be done very early in the morning as the temps are in the 100's by the afternoon. Fortunately the late afternoons are cooled by the monsoon season.

The following pics show our great time at Becky's son's home in Dallas.

This week finds us in Tucson. We head back to Missouri on Saturday. Great news, the window on the Tour has been replaced!  Thank you so much for reading the blog. Roger and I appreciate your interest in our travels.

Proud Grandmother Becky and Grayson

Bear loving Michael and Traci's yard!

Grayson having lots of fun!

Roger and Bear are talking to Michael.

Friday, July 1, 2011

About That Blissful Downtime (June 26 - July 2)

Dear Family and Friends,

Ahhhhhh! Bear, Roger and I spent this week at our dear friend Becky's house located not too far from our grandchildren's home in Dallas. We actually had the house to ourselves as Becky made a quick trip to Lake of the Ozarks to visit her friends. True friendship is turning over your home to a couple with their dog. We have known Becky for many years and treasure the time we have been able to spend with each other as we watched our children grow up.
 Our days were spent walking or running Bear, reading Washington--A Life by Ron Chernow (this is a must for American history buffs),  shopping in Dallas (always fun), seeing the grandchildren, eating out with friends and family, and trying to stay cool in the summertime. The following pictures depict our second week in Dallas.

Abby and Jackson love to play with parachutes!

Shaving cream makes a great finger paint!

Playing with clay is fun for adults!

Dinner at Gloria's.
Jackson, Rob, Roger, Suzanne and Suzanne.
Where is Abby? 

Soul Man Jackson loving the bean dip!

Jackson and Rob

Grandad gets a hug from Abby.

Dinner with the Sibs!
Diann (sister-in-law), Charlie (brother-in-law), Suzanne, Sally (sister) and Chris (brother).
Roger took the picture!

After an incredible two weeks in Dallas with friends and family, we leave for Tucson on Sunday.  Roger will be doing quarterly reviews with Michael while I play. We are thrilled that the work has begun on the Tour which is still in Springfield.

We wish all of you a happy Fourth of July. As we travel this great nation, we give thanks for the patriots, who endured so many hardships in establishing our country. How lucky we are are to live in the United States of America!