Saturday, November 19, 2011

About Those Grandchildren, Part 3 (November 12-19 )

Dear Family and Friends,

How much fun it was to have Abby spend the night with us last Friday night! You saw pictures of her in the last blog.  Rob brought Jackson, our three year old grandson, to the RV for Jackson's first sleep over on Saturday. Jackson was terrific, but I am a very biased grandmother. The following pics are from that very special time.
Mimi (that would be me) makes great pancakes.

Jackson gets some help from Grandad with his shoes.

Jackson loves to swing.

Roger and Jackson on the steps of the RV.

A major discussion of shadows.

Swing me higher, Grandad!

Mimi's kitchen gloves make the best toy.

About that grandparenting, it is awesome!

The following pictures show Jackson in full super hero mode. I guess it was the gloves.

We drove Jackson to Dallas on Sunday morning in time to meet Rob, Abby and cousins from Kansas, who just happened to be in Dallas.  After a farewell to our family, we met my very dear friend Becky, for a visit that went all too quickly. Sunday was a lovely day with family and a very special friend. After our visit with Becky, it was back to the Tour.

Monday was a trip back to Dallas to watch Abby play soccer. We were thrilled to see Abby play and our son Rob coach. Coach Rob has worked with his team for several seasons and it has been fun to watch the team mature. The following pics are of the Pink Panthers.

Abby, Bella and Bear before the game.

Abby (the goalie) gets some last minute coaching from Coach Rob.

The Pink Panthers

Abby is ready to block the goal attempts.

Bear gets in on the soccer fun.

Grandparents' Day was Friday at Stonewall Jackson (Abby's school). What an incredible opportunity for us to see an excellent public school where the students, teachers and parents are equally involved.

The school had been studying Japan and was cleverly decorated. These cherry trees are made out of popcorn.
Saturday was the final soccer game with the Pink Panthers winning 2 - 0! Abby scored one of the goals! Following the game athletes and parents met at Cafe Brazil where Coach Rob handed out awards.

It was a busy week filled with lots of activities. Roger and I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  I know that we are grateful for happy, healthy children and grandchildren. How wonderful it is to spend time with our Dallas family.

I will be taking a two week break from the blog. My mother and I are leaving for a Rhine River cruise on Friday and will be away for two weeks. Roger will remain in Terrell with Bear. Thank you for your continued interest in our adventures and again, Happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

About Those Grandchildren, Part 2 ( November 6 - 12)

Dear Family and Friends,

Sunday was our first full day in Terrell, Texas. Most importantly, it was Bear's birthday. Our much loved labradoodle celebrated his second birthday. We are grateful that he is sharing our adventure with us and he has adapted to his life on the road without any problems.

On a walk around the RV park Sunday morning, I took some pictures.
The sign on this area reads "Man Cave."

Happy Birthday Bear!

Lots of lone stars in Texas! 

Bear loves to run off leash.

Poor Texas has had a difficult time with drought.

In front of our site are some ducks. 

Monday and Tuesday were very rainy, blustery days. We managed to have a General Electric tech visit us at our site to take a look at our microwave/convection oven. After assuring us that the unit is in tip top shape and not in danger of starting a fire (something we are very aware of in a RV), we met Rob and Abby for dinner in Dallas. Gloria's is a favorite restaurant of ours and we have been going there since Abby was a baby. She loves their bean dip.

Wednesday found us on a field trip to Will's Point, Texas. The population is close to 3,500 people. We had fun seeing the sights. The following pics are of Will's Point.
Roger and Bear in front of Lake Tawakoni State Park.

A true Texas Longhorn

Will's Point (imagine shopping here in the 1830's)

The train station is now a museum.

Roger and Bear pose in front of City Hall.

Thursday and Friday found us busy with cycling, a trip to Dallas to an Apple appointment (trying to get all of our Apple products connected to I Cloud and we are almost there) and picking up our granddaughter for a sleepover in the Tour.

Roger, Bear and I picked up Abby after school on Friday. We stopped on the way back to Terrell to get some surprises and things for dinner. Abby had fun exploring the RV, helping me cook dinner and playing at Bluebonnet Ridge.

Abby loves her new guitar!

Abby sleeping in the Tour.

Abby and Grandad reading together. What a joy to hear your granddaughter read.

Jackson is spending Saturday night with us as it is his turn to sleep in the Tour. Stay tuned for more pics of the grandchildren on next week's blog. Remember, you were warned!! Thank you for following us on our adventures in the Tour. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

About Those Grandchildren (October 30 - November 6)

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello from Terrell, Texas! It took us three days to drive from Tucson to Terrell as West Texas is immense. After our last goodbyes to friends and family in Tucson, we drove to Van Horn, Texas on Interstate 10 in lots of wind. We drove through El Paso, which is always an adventure.  The second day, we left Van Horn, picking up Interstate 20,  and drove to Abilene. Upon arriving in Abilene, we were able to see the
B-1 bomber flying in the area. Dyess AFB is home to the B-1. The third day of travel found us at our destination, Terrell. In all we drove 1,000 miles leaving behind the sahuaros of the Sonoran Desert and finding lots of yuccas in New Mexico, that gave way to the flatter land of West Texas. Lots of windmills and oil well pumps  dotted the area around Midland/Odessa.

After setting up our site at Bluebonnet RV park, we drove to Dallas to see our son, Rob, his wife, Suzanne and our adorable grandchildren, Abby and Jackson. Below are pictures of our site and our Dallas family.

Our site from our front window at Bluebonnet RV park. Ducks, fish and turtles live in this pond.

The view always changes when RVing. This is why we love our lifestyle.

Jackson telling Grandad hello.

Grandparents bring presents.

Suzanne and Rob

Abby and friend, Gabby, help Suzanne with chocolate chip cookies.

Abby loves Bear!

It doesn't get better than this.

Jackson is a major super hero fan. Here is striking the pose of Spiderman.

A mixture of Spidey and the Hulk!

Thank you for letting this proud grandmother indulge herself with grandparent stories and pics. Roger and I will be in the Dallas area for 6 weeks, so be prepared for more of the same. We look forward to spending lots of time with our family. I grew up in Ft. Worth and have a mother and sibs, with their families, in the area.

Thank you for reading our blog. We appreciate your interest in our adventures.