Friday, May 25, 2012

About That Klamath River (May 19 - 25)

Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings from this beautiful part of our country. We love our spot on the Klamath River and are enjoying a very relaxed time for the next two weeks. The Blue Herron RV Resort is just 8 miles from the Oregon border.

On Sunday morning we drove to Crater Lake National Park which sits north of Medford and Klamath Falls, Oregon. Along the way, we stopped to see the Rogue River.

 Pacific Dogwood along the banks of the Rogue River.

 Rogue River Gorge

We reached Crater Lake National Park and had to go in through the South entrance. Crater Lake was formed, not by a meteor, but by a volcano erupting thousands of years ago. It is the deepest lake in the United States and has the most beautiful blue water. This National Park battles snow each year. We could only drive a short way around Crater Lake because of the snow. Snow removal starts at 4 in the morning and runs until 8 in the evening.

 Snow at the Visitor Center

 Roger taking pics of Crater Lake. As a pilot in the Air Force, he remembers the times he flew over the lake from Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho.

 Wizard Island

A Stellars Bluejay claims Crater Lake as his home.

Our trip back to the Blue Herron took us through Klamath Falls. My Great Uncle, Henry Hancock helped to build the dam at Klamath Falls, as a member of the CCC, under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Tuesday was a hike in the Klamath River Valley. Our goal was to hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail which runs from Washington to Mexico. We located access to this trail via California 96.

 Pacific Dogwood

 The start of the trail

 Upon leaving the bridge, we encountered dense woods filled with pines, a variety of trees and Spring flowers.

 Bear has turned out to be quite the hiker. He loves jumping in the streams.

 We had such a great day on this hike in the Pacific Northwest.

The rest of our week was filled with cycling and hikes around the Blue Herron property. The RV Resort is nestled in the hills of gorgeous scenery. It takes an hour to hike to the top where the owner has placed an American flag. Along the way we saw lots of lupine (pictured below).

 Looking from the top of the hill down to the resort.

 The Tour sitting on the bank of the Klamath River. Not too many people are here at this time of year.

 We cannot get cell reception on the river. Climbing to the top, gives us that reception. Here Roger is catching up on calls.

From the top of the hill, it is easy to see the Iron Gate Dam that keeps the Iron Gate Reservoir in check. We can cycle around the lake and that scenery is beautiful. Lots of birds make the area their home (herons, ospreys, robin, ducks). In addition, the fishing in this area is incomparable, making the Klamath River area a sportsmen's dream.

Thank you for checking in with us this week. On Friday, we leave for Eugene, Oregon.
On this Memorial Day weekend, we give thanks for those that have protected and are still protecting our freedoms. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

About That Monterey Bay (May 13 -19)

Dear Family and Friends,

On Mother's Day, I drove to Monterey, California with my traveling companions, Roger and Bear. We left Lodi early and arrived in Monterey about mid morning. Our first stop was Cannery Row (made famous by John Steinbeck's book, Cannery Row. I could just imagine the smell and silvery color of sardines, as they were brought in for canning. Now the area has boutiques and restaurants as well as the world famous Monterey Aquarium. We got to see several groups donning their wetsuits for diving in the bay. The morning was typical with a marine fog and in the 50's. My skin loved it.

 Yes, we must be in California!

 Roger and Bear enjoying Monterey Bay.

 Scuba divers preparing for an early morning dive. Glad they have wetsuits.

 Cannery Row

After leaving Monterey Bay, we drove the Seventeen Mile Drive that continues along the coast and then loops around back to Monterey. This drive is the home of Pebble Beach and several other world class golf courses. As golfers, we appreciated the site of these courses. With ultra steep golf course fees, we elected not to play. How can you possibly concentrate on your golf game with such beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean?

We left Seventeen Mile Drive at the gate to Carmel. You may remember that Clint Eastwood was mayor of the city at one time. What a beautiful area with incredible plants. The cypress trees thrive on the marine layer of fog. Succulents are huge and so healthy.

 Carmel Bay

We returned to Lodi in the late afternoon after stops at local markets along the way. I learned that Gilroy is the garlic area of California. You can really smell them in the air. Also got to see artichokes growing in the fields, as well as cherries and strawberries. What a great time to be in California.

The rest of the week we spent preparing for our departure from Lodi, and riding our bikes. We   left Friday morning for Hornbrook, California. Hornbrook is located between the Northern California and Oregon border on the Klamath River. Our drive took us up I-5 through Sacramento and Redding. Around Redding, we were treated to views of Mt. Shasta (still snow covered), Lake Shasta and the Shasta National Forest. What gorgeous country!

We arrived at Hornbrook and the Blue Herron Resort in the early afternoon. Our home for the next two weeks sits right on the Klamath River. What we love most about RVing is being able to change the view out our front window.

 Roger is explaining about driving in mountains.

 Shasta National Forest

 Lake Shasta

 Mt. Shasta

 We are asked how Bear likes to travel. He loves it and sleeps on my lap except when I am driving.

 Driving into the Klamath River area of Northern California and Southern Oregon.

 No wonder the RV resort is called Blue Herron.
The Klamath River is home to Eagles, Osprey, Geese, Ducks and other birds.

 Our home for the next two weeks.

 A very happy Roger!

The view outside our front window.

Thank you for checking in with us as we continue on our adventures through the western part of the country. We appreciate your interest in our travels.