Wednesday, January 29, 2014

About That Key West II (January)

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello from Key West, Florida! We are in our second week at Sigsbee Island located in Key West. Sigsbee hosts active duty Navy as well as a huge RV camp, where we are parked. Sigsbee was named for the Captain of the U.S.S. Maine that was sunk in Havana Harbor (more about that below). With the incredible temps and sunny skies, we are leading a very active lifestyle. Riding bikes, playing Pickleball, walking Bear and visiting old friends and new, make our days go very fast. Here is a snapshot look at our week:

 Bike ride with friends from Sigsbee

 Beautiful blue skies and white sandy beaches

Our friends Roger and Bonnie Ford have introduced us to a game called Pickleball. It is played on an abbreviated tennis court with small rackets (larger than ping pong rackets, but smaller than tennis rackets).  The first team reaching 11 points wins. Then it is on to the next game. This can go on for three to four hours. It is great exercise and really requires lots of stamina and hand/eye coordination. Roger and I are playing four days a week and we are tired when finished.

Roosters and chickens are everywhere in Key West. They are descendants from birds brought from Cuba many years ago. They are protected on the Key and have multiplied. 


On one bike trip this week, we visited the cemetery. It is interesting because there is a section devoted to those killed on the Maine. As mentioned above, this ship was sunk in Havana Harbor thus signaling the start of the Spanish American War.
 The section of the cemetery reserved for those killed in action.

This marker really caught my attention.

Thank you for checking in with us. We still have lots of exploring to do in Key West. We really do appreciate your interest in our travels.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

About That Key West (January 25)

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello from Key West, Florida! We are at the southern most point in the United States enjoying warm weather at Sigsbee Island Naval Station.

We left Key Largo on Sunday morning and drove 95 miles south along US Highway 1. It is a two lane highway that passes through many keys (there are around 70) along the way. It was easy to see the Atlantic on the left and the Gulf on the right as we headed South.

 On US 1 heading south.

 Atlantic on the left and the Gulf on the right

 Lots of bridges along the way

 Nine Mile Bridge

It truly is a paradise.

Thank you for checking in with us as we enjoy this beautiful key at the southern most tip of the United States. I will send more information about Key West and Sigsbee next week. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

About That Pensacola (January

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello from Key Largo, Florida.

After getting the go ahead from our vet in Galveston, we left on Sunday morning, driving east on TX146 through Texas City, where we saw huge oil refineries.

We crossed the Sabine River into Louisiana.
 Sabine River Bridge

 Sabine River

Our travels took us along raised bridges for much of the way through the Atchafalaya National Preserve (think alligators, Spanish Moss in the trees, and all sorts of birds)
 I 10 through the swampland.

 Crossing the Mississippi into Baton Rouge.

 Louisiana State Capital in Baton Rouge

We spent the night (Sunday) in Hammond, Louisiana, north of Baton Rouge.
 Our nightly game of Skip Bo

 Bear is kibitzing!

Monday morning it started raining and it did not stop until Tuesday morning. Roger drove through four states on the Interstate, reaching Pensacola, Florida in the afternoon.

 Hello Mississippi

 Bear slept the entire way.

 Hello Florida

We reached the Naval Air Station at Pensacola. This is the home of  the Navy's Blue Angels, a flying training program for the Navy and an incredible Naval Air Museum. After checking in, we headed to the museum.

Blue Angels (older models than the F-18s that are flown today).

This bronze had special meaning for me. It is a tribute to those that send loved ones off to fly missions and then get to welcome them home.

Another view of the Blue Angels

How lucky we were to watch the Blue Angels practicing on Tuesday. We took Bear for a walk in the afternoon.

 Pensacola Light House

 A beautiful white sand beach at the Naval Air Station.

On Wednesday morning we left early, but the picture below shows a beautiful sunrise we saw before leaving the RV park.

Our drive on Wednesday took us on I-10 to Lake City, Florida, where we spent the night. On Thursday morning we drove to Titusville, Florida and on Friday morning, we drove to Key Largo.

 Our first view of the Atlantic

Leaving Titusville early on Friday morning gave us a chance to drive to the Kennedy Space Center.

Driving through Miami Beach on the way to Key Largo. I-95 ends after Miami and US Highway 1 takes us to the Keys.

We are staying for two nights in Key Largo. We head to Key West on Sunday morning for an extended stay. Thank you for your interest in our travels. See you next week.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

About That Galveston II (January 5 - 11)

Dear Family and Friends,

Hello from Galveston! Roger and I are feeling so much better now that our Bear is well. He finally felt up to taking a walk with us on the beach. Oh did he love it!

 The RV park sits across from Galveston Beach. This is a huge bird watching area and there are many kinds of water fowl on the pond in our park.

 Sporting my new, sassy do!

 Yes, that is Bear running on the shore!

 I do not know who is happier, Bear or Roger.

On Wednesday, Roger and I toured the tree sculptures on several streets in the downtown area. In 2006, Hurricane Ike devastated the island with tidal waves and wind, resulting in the destruction of many beautiful trees. Some homeowners had their trees sculpted by local artists.

 An owl




On Friday we got the "go ahead" from our vet in Galveston, for us to leave on Sunday. Bear will continue on Doxycycline for another 6 weeks just to make sure the antibiotic got all of the infection. The diagnosis is still unknown. We are still waiting for the results from a culture that the internist did in Houston.  We know that we were very lucky to have found Dr. Guillory in Galveston.

 Bear and Roger in the examination room.

 Please take me out of here!

Dr. Guillory saved Bear's life! She and Bear are very happy.

Thank you for checking in with us. We head to Pensacola, Florida on Sunday and will work our way down to the Florida Keys.